Monday, September 19, 2011

Black Slaves Red Masters Part 3

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Anonymous said...

I think it is interesting we both have the same last name (Walton) and it may even be possible we may be of the same lineage of the Walton family. Ive done some family research and found out that we are pretty much black Indians also. Tracing my family tree we are from Tennessee and going back a couple of Greats, I had a grandmother who was full blood native American(Cherokee) And grand dad was white mixed with native American. Long story short they were on the same plantation with the slaves and their kids reproduced with the slaves. All the time growing up people would tell me I didnt look black but I am black but do notice certain features about me that are native American traits, I have the high Cheek bones, nose, lips and my skin tone is like a red-ish brown color and not alot of body hair but yet I have black nappy type hair. I really like to do more digging and it is pretty upsetting that we as Black Indians are being shunned by those who we have our roots in. We did not asked to be who we are, we just are. Woul;d love to receive an Email from you acknowledging at least you received this. My Email