Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Silas Jefferson, Creek Leader

Headstone found lying on the ground pushsed over. Taken at Bruner Cemetry also called Tuskegee, 8 miles west of Beggs in Creek County.

Silas Jefferson was a dynamic leader of the Muskogee Creek Nation, having served as leader, interpreter. Son of Jeffrey and Betsey McNac he emerged as a leader in the nation, serving several time in the House of Warriors. He represented Tuskegee Town (Taskigi Town) for many years.  When representatives of the Smithsonian collected data on the Muskogee people, he was a principal consultant.

According to scholar Gary Zellar, Silas Jefferson served as an advisor to Chief Locha Hacho and he was also close to Chief Isparhecher. He remained in tribal politics till 1906.


Luckie said...

Wow, The House of Warriors, Tuskegee Rep, Smithsonian Consultant. Silas was serious business! Lest we forget...


sophilia perry said...

Part of my family history. . Great man