Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Headstone of Rev. Monday Durant

Headstone of Rev. Monday Durant (the elder)
Photo by Sue Tolbert, Muskogee Oklahoma

Special thanks to Ben Young, and Dr. Willard Johnson both of whom pointed out that there were clearly two men of distinction from the same family line and with the same name.  I followed up on the father to the younger Durant and learned that Rev. Durant was the grandfather to the second Monday Durant.  The elder Rev. Monday Durant, born many years before Removal, was a leader in his own right, and was one of three prominent African Creeks of his era. Much is written about both Monday Durants who continued to serve the Creek Nation.

Rev. Monday Durant is buried in the Durant cemetery off 11th St. W in Muskogee Oklahoma. 

Thankfully, his stone is among a very small number of graves that are still visible in this cemetery.

Special thanks to Sue Tolbert, who is also responsible for the on going efforts to preserve Old Agency Cemetery, also located and documented the few graves in the Durant cemetery.  She also gave her permission to share this image on the blog.


Renate Yarborough Sanders said...

I kept thinking and thinking, "Why does this Durant surname seem so familiar to me?" I just realized that it is the name of a family that used to attend my church. I wonder if there could be any connection? Hmm... I'll have to send an email!


Writing Royalty Chronicles said...

I love to here about my families history... Thank for not letting them be forgotten.....

Unknown said...

Our legacy is so important

Unknown said...

I have been there less than a month ago sadly people have entered this beautiful place of rest and stories of grave robbing have been told but I'm able to communicate with spirits and one gentleman kept saying a name and something about under a old oak tree,each time I went there he kept coming forth and strong was wondering if anyone knows this man and where he's possibly asking or telling me about this tree..I got the very strong sense of a flood and several headstones and grave and personal remains were washed down and over an area please any information would be greatly appreciated.
" Floyd Wayne Williams or William"

Thank you if you can help please let me know,Terri king..